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Steven Sarasin

Steven Sarasin is a passionate real estate agent committed to building long-lasting business relationships with his clients. His goal is to positively impact his clients by going above and beyond to help them realize their real estate dreams. Steven offers seasoned experience and a better understanding of the complex and flexible real estate market and patterns that help him locate his clients' greatest deals and prospects. No Penalty Cancellation Option when working with me.

Steven Sarasin


What Our

Clients Say

Steven is one of a kind. He is articulate, intelligent, personable and professional, and sets a very high standard as a human being and an agent. I would clone him if I could as I have moved out of this immediate area! I felt that I had the best possible guidance throughout the sales process from pricing to negotiations. It was a pleasure working with Steven and I would recommend him without reservation.

Peg Prince

When we met with Steven we had an immediate connection. His personality and style put us at ease and we felt comfortable with him Everything was handled quickly and excellently Steven is a consummate professional!

Linda Kirby

Knows the area like the back of his hand. Super informative with stuff that affects you after the purchase as well, such as bills. Steven really goes out of his way for his clients. When there was a conflict between the sellers and us, he offered to use his own time to fix the problem so that the deal could go through. We love him. Best agent in town.

Jenny & Will. Beaverton

Excellent throughout from start to finish. Definitely choosing Steven was the best decision for us. The tenants were a very big challenge during covid, Steven adjusted smoothly and what seemsed effortlessly as needed to get through all aspects of this sale. We highly recommend him, especially if there are delicate challenges involved.

Kim Goinarov

Steven Sarasin was by far the most professional, courteous, timely and friendly realtor that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His marketing approach, knowledge of my area and of the overall market was absolutely critical in helping me come out a winner, after selling my home in only 4 days. Steven is truly a huge asset in his industry, and is someone that I will absolutely work with again, hands down. Thanks so much for helping me navigate today's real-estate market, Steven. You played a massive role in ensuring that my family is walking into our next step in a terrific position. Truly grateful to you! Thank you!!

J Bernath

Steve goes above and beyond for his clients when it comes to selling and buying your home. He gave us a abundance of knowledge when it came down to getting our house ready to be listed. He was always there to answer any questions we had and we ended up selling our house after a week of being on the market. Highly recommended!

Sarah Dowdall-Davis

Working with Steven in this hectic market was more than we bargained for, he went above and beyond to book appointments to see properties as quickly as possible. I would strongly recommend Steven as he is knowledgeable, caring and understanding. he did whatever he had to do to get us into our very first home, even when we thought it may not be possible.

Kurtis & Ali

Had a great experience working with Steven! Steven was always available to answer our questions, his knowledge of the area was valuable and we appreciated his suggestions and guidance throughout the process. We are very happy with the whole experience and would recommend him to family and friends.

Mey Broe

Steven sold our cottage in one day with a two hour phone call with the buyer without them even seeing the property. He did a good video and pictures that helped buyer make the offer without seeing it. Always answered calls or got back to us quickly and had answers for us.

Don and Loren

We chose to sell our family home with Steven to begin our next stage of life. Not only was he professional in the way he executed the sale of our home. He listend to our thoughts and ideas and worked with us to achieve the sale of our home. He is quick to respond to any questions and took the time to ensure we understood every step of the way. So Thank you for being a kind, hard-working, honest agent who’s always in

Vanessa & Al – Pefferlaw
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Re/Max Hallmark Donated over $252,000 to Children's Miracle Network.


International Web Strategy

The Wall Street Journal
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International Web Strategy

The Wall Street Journal
duPont Registry
Mansion Global
Robb Report
Global Listings
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World Property Journal




Minister of Finance: Chrystia Freeland delivering -billion in loans for rental housing as part of a reduced budget! Fiscal Update! 2023


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Ontario Real Estate: Law Ushers In Open Bidding Real Estate Ontario 2023


Table of Contents Ontario Real Estate has a new option lets sellers tell bidders the pricing of their submitted bids. This is  about the new Open Bidding Real estate Ontario!Though they don't go as far as some had wanted, new regulations for Ontario Real Estate are set to take effect soon. These regulations aim tor ...

Trudeau Government: Looking to Take Tough Measures Against Anyone Who Profits from Short Term Rentals Such as Airbnb! 2023


According to Sean Fraser, tens of thousands of short-term rental houses might be converted into family dwellings. Table of Contents In an effort to increase the supply of properties available for longer term rentals, Housing Minister Sean Fraser announced on Monday that the Trudeau Government is contemplating a range of steps to limit the amountr ...

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