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Meet Casey Kadom, who brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse expertise to The Steven Sarasin Real Estate Team! 

 Casey boasts over 10 years of experience as a general contractor, showcasing his proficiency in construction and project management. His keen eye for detail and commitment to quality align seamlessly with our team's values, ensuring a comprehensive approach to real estate services.

In addition to his construction background, Casey holds an impressive 6+ years of experience in real estate investment. His strategic insights and proven track record in navigating the real estate market make him a valuable asset, providing our clients with a unique perspective on property values and investment potential.

An astonishing BACK TO BACK award winning agent as well!

 Casey's academic achievements are equally noteworthy. He studied Business Law with honors at Carleton University in Ottawa, showcasing his dedication to understanding the legal intricacies of the business world. This knowledge enhances his ability to navigate complex real estate transactions and provide well-informed counsel to our clients.

 Beyond his professional accomplishments, Casey has a rich tapestry of personal interests. From a commitment to physical fitness and a passion for cars to a unique hobby of licking stamps until dehydration 

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Casey Kadom
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