Esha Sheikh
VP of Marketing
Esha Sheikh
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Meet Esha Sheikh, the VP of Marketing at The Steven Sarasin Real Estate Team and Head of SEO.

Esha is passionate about finance and a marketing enthusiast. She thrives on the success of others, as well as the Steven Sarasin Real Estate Team! While working with many different industries and studying finance, she understands the demand and desire for marketing and advertising.

Her passion for learning has helped her understand the importance of sharing her knowledge with others. Going through her personal Canadian-owned and operated advertising firm, Avon Marketing & Media Inc., she strives to help our , real estate practice and clients grow through marketing by executing strategic advertising tactics.

Esha is an extremely skilled and experienced SEO specialist (head of SEO) and, overtime, scaled her own successful advertising firm based out of Toronto, Ontario. 

She successfully ranks The Steven Sarasin Real Estate Team #1 on search engines like Google through her strategic search engine optimization methods, which are also not only applied to the organization but to the organization's vast clientele at The Steven Sarasin Real Estate Team.

As the Head of SEO, she also analyzes, implements, reviews, and executes changes to maximize the traffic to our site by improving page ranking within all search engines.

In her spare time Esha time consists of enjoying Skateboarding, and Muay Thai.

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Phone: 647-917-8670

Email: [email protected]