OREA: ORWP Real Estate Voted As Mandatory In 2024!

For OREA‘s 103,000 Members, the Ontario REALTOR® Wellness Program (ORWP) offers complete coverage, filling the gap for the tens of thousands of REALTORS® who do not have access to health benefits. (According to OREA)

In order to debate and cast a vote on its Ontario Realtors Wellness Plan (ORWP Real Estate), the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) called a special general meeting recently. The executive officer of the Lakelands Association of Realtors, Sandy Raymer, announced the following outcomes in a statement to members: 59 people voted in favour of making ORWP Real Estate optional rather than required, while 73 people opposed it.

Accordingly, ORWP Real Estate shall remain an obligatory program as of January 1, 2024, in accordance with the Ontario Real Estate Association bylaw. Executive officer Anne Schneider has sent another memo to Realtors Association of Grey Bruce Owen Sound (RAGBOS) members informing them that starting with the December 2023 invoice covering the first quarter of 2024, members will be charged $164.97 per quarter.

It further states that members who are not in good standing on December 29, 2023, at 11 a.m., will have their board privileges revoked until their outstanding balances are settled.

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Introduction to the Mandatory ORWP Real Estate Initiative by OREA


The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) has made a groundbreaking decision in 2023, mandating the Ontario Realtors Wellness Program ORWP Real Estate. This pivotal move is set to redefine the real estate landscape in Ontario, marking a significant shift in how real estate practices are conducted. With this article, we delve into the nuances of ORWP, exploring its implications, benefits, and the transformation it brings to the industry.

TRREB Was Almost Half The Voting

With nearly half of the votes in the assembly of Ontario boards, the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), by far the largest board in the province, is difficult to defeat. Overall, the TRREB voting delegation has supported the ORWP. This is why, despite broad support, the boards that had hoped the SGM would bring about change and greater accommodation weren’t shocked when their goals weren’t approved.

In each instance, the majority of participants said they didn’t like the program. Results from all eight boards combined showed that 22% supported the ORWP and 63% opposed it, with the remaining 6% remaining undecided or labeled as “other.” The majority of participants, according to the results, would support the ORWP if it weren’t required.

Prior to the SGM, TRREB also carried out a survey of its own members. It showed that the percentage of respondents who are in favor of the program becoming mandatory and the percentage of respondents who are against it are almost equal (39.6% and 39.5%).

Those who supported the ORWP cited affordability and good value as their main arguments. Naturally, the requirement was the main objection voiced by those who opposed it, followed by the fact that they didn’t want the coverage because they already had insurance. Additionally, more than 42% of respondents to the TRREB survey said they were unfamiliar with the program.

Very perplexing outcomes. Given the circumstances, one can only speculate as to how the TRREB delegates divided their votes at the SGM.

Understanding ORWP: A New Standard in Ontario’s Realty


ORWP Real Estate, as mandated by the Ontario Real Estate Association, represents a new standard in the real estate industry. This initiative is designed to enhance professionalism, improve service quality, introduce health care to some extent and ensure a consistent approach across the board. This segment explores the fundamentals of ORWP Real Estate and why it’s a game-changer in 2023 and for 2024.

Whats Included In The Standard Plan?


As stated by the Ontario Real Estate Association. This is how the typical plan works.

The province-wide ORWP Standard Plan offers Members extensive coverage at an affordable price.

What is covered by the ORWP Standard Plan is listed below:

  • Prescription medications.
  • Practitioners of para-medicine (massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, etc.)
  • Medical Supplies and Services (casts, orthotics, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Life-Security Plans.
    Insurance for Critical Illness*
  • Travel insurance for emergency medical care while abroad
  • Insurance against accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Program for Mental Health and Virtual Care for Members.

The Impact of OREA’s ORWP Real Estate

With the Ontario Real Estate Association‘s enforcement of ORWP, the market dynamics are set for a major transformation. This shift not only affects realtors but also has a substantial impact on buyers, sellers, and the overall market trends. We analyze how this change influences market dynamics and the potential outcomes it could have.

Advantages of ORWP for Realtors and Clients

The introduction of ORWP  brings a myriad of advantages and disadvantages for both realtors and clients. From standardizing practices to ensuring higher transparency, this segment highlights the myriad ways in which ORWP Real Estate  can affect the real estate market within Ontario. 

Navigating the Challenges: Implementing ORWP Real Estate in 2023

While the introduction of ORWP Real Estate is a positive step to some, it comes with its set of disadvantages for many others. Realtors will face a learning curve adapting to new regulations and processes. This section provides insights into these challenges and offers solutions for smooth implementation.

Technological Integration in ORWP Practices

Technology is at the forefront of ORWP Real Estate practices. This part of the article explores how technological advancements are integrated into this new real estate era.

Training and Development: Preparing Realtors for ORWP

To adapt to the ORWP Real Estate, comprehensive training and development for realtors are crucial. This section discusses the training programs and educational initiatives introduced by the Ontario Real Estate Association to facilitate this transition.

On January 1, 2024, the ORWP will be made available as a benefit to all Ontario REALTORS®. Regardless of age, all OREA Members will pay the same. There won’t be any medical examinations or questionnaires needed to take part in the program.

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Legal and Ethical Aspects of ORWP 

The ORWP Real Estate initiative brings several legal and ethical considerations to the table. This part of the article examines these aspects, emphasizing the importance of compliance and ethical conduct in the new framework.

Financial Considerations in the ORWP Landscape

The shift to ORWP Real Estate may entail financial implications for both realtors and clients.

Here, we delve into the financial aspects, discussing how this shift affects pricing, commissions, and overall financial planning in real estate going forward.

Financial Breakdown

According to OREA, the program must be required in order to keep premium costs down. However, the association refutes claims that it does not accept new members.

Hudak writes to REM, “We have worked with Comprehensive Benefits Solutions (CBS), our program administrator, to develop a process in an effort to ensure that no member is left behind and that everyone can benefit from this program to some extent. If a member already has coverage and is concerned about the possible effects of the ORWP, they can notify CBS of the specifics of their provider’s current policy. A member of CBS’s team will then carefully and discreetly review the situation in an attempt to suggest a workable solution.

To be clear, members will still need to pay their entire OREA dues; however, in order to maintain their other coverage, their enrollment in the affected benefit will be cancelled. Furthermore, we maintain close collaboration with member boards to guarantee their readiness for the program’s implementation by offering transitional funding and extending the deadlines for data upload.

The Future Outlook of ORWP 

The long-term prospects of ORWP Real Estate are promising. This section forecasts the potential impact and growth of this initiative, considering trends and more.

Adaptation Strategies for Realtors in the ORWP Era

Adapting to the ORWP Real Estate requires a strategic approach.

In 2024, Ontario Realtors will have to provide health benefits, which will result in a few changes. It implies that a minimum amount of health coverage must be offered to agents by all real estate brokerages. Prescription medications, paramedical services, and mental health assistance fall under this category.

This is a big deal for a lot of realtors who work as independent contractors because they aren’t usually given access to traditional employee benefits. All realtors, however, will have access to reasonably priced healthcare options because of this.

Moreover, the general wellbeing of Ontario’s real estate workforce can be enhanced by access to health benefits according to OREA. Realtors work long hours and endure high levels of stress in response to the demands of their clients and changes in the market.

As we adapt strategically to new and developing changes, we suggest everyone to always take part as much as they can when it comes to either voting, opposing or giving there opinion to new real estate laws across Ontario and regulations. 

With access to quality medical care, they can concentrate on delivering exceptional service without having to worry about their own health.

Even though some brokers and agents may need to adjust at first, this is a step  towards realizing how important quality healthcare coverage can also be for everyone in the business. 

Consumer Perspectives on the Implementation of ORWP 

From the consumer’s point of view, the ORWP Real Estate initiative could redefine their experience in the real estate market. Both negatively and positively to some.

Conclusion: Embracing the New Era of Real Estate with OREA’s ORWP Initiative

In conclusion, the ORWP Real Estate initiative by the Ontario Real Estate Association is a significant development that’s shaping the future of the real estate industry in Ontario. Its  implementation  that hinges on the collaborative efforts of realtors, clients, and industry stakeholders.

OREA has been in the news lately, over the controversy of the ORWP for some time now, and as a realtor in the game, we want to hear from you on what you think about this mandatory ORWP!

Let us know what you think!

FAQs About ORWP and OREA’s Decision

1. What is ORWP Real Estate, and why has the Ontario Real Estate Association mandated it?

   – ORWP Real Estate, mandated by the Ontario Real Estate Association, is a wellness program aimed at standardizing health care real estate practices in Ontario among relators, ensuring professionalism and quality to some. 

2. **How will the Ontario Real Estate Association‘s decision to mandate ORWP  impact the real estate industry?**

   – The Ontario Real Estate Association‘s decision to mandate ORWP  will modernize practices, enhance transparency, and change the overall quality of real estate services in Ontario.

3. **Are there any specific training programs for ORWP  by OREA?**

   – Yes, OREA provides specialized training programs to help realtors adapt to the ORWP  standards and practices. Visit there website for more information.

4. **What are the ethical considerations in ORWP  practices?**

   – Ethical considerations in ORWP  include adherence to standardized codes of conduct, ensuring fairness, and maintaining transparency in the programs.

5. **What financial implications does ORWP  have for realtors?**

    – Realtors may face initial financial implications like training costs, but ORWP Real Estate could lead to more lucrative opportunities in the long run.

6. **How can realtors effectively adapt to OREA’s ORWP standards?**

    – Realtors can adapt by embracing the training, using new technologies, and aligning their practices with the ORWP standards.

7. **Will ORWP  by OREA require new licensing or certifications?**

    – While it may not require new licenses, ORWP  will require realtors to undergo specific training and programs.

8. **How will the Ontario Real Estate Association ensure compliance with ORWP  standards?**

    – The Ontario Real Estate Association plans to enforce compliance through regular audits, training verifications, program training, and a robust reporting and accountability system.

9. **What are the penalties for non-compliance with ORWP  standards?**

    – Penalties can include fines, suspension of real estate licenses, or mandatory additional training. (We will update this information as new info gets released)

10. **How does ORWP  promote wellness based real estate practices?**

    – It encourages healthcare practice.

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